NPC Registration Page

Use this form if you have already spoken to PLOT and are attending as a NPC

If you have already been approved to NPC

Please fill out the form so our Logistics team knows you are attending as NPC. Please let us know which PC you want to have the experience added too (if you have multiple characters).

Please remember: If you want you may purchase items with Goblin Stamps for your PC. These will be put in your envelope for the next event you attend as your Player Character. Single Day events= 50 GS, Weekends =100 GS, Long Weekends = 150 GS

As well: If you are attending a WEEKEND or Longer event, please note which 2 skills you would like to learn and for which character.

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Lastly, You need to fill out this WAIVER before being allowed to enter combat or attend a LARP Event

(If you have no character yet, IGNORE THIS)

| or Call: 403-769-1909

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