Your First Event

What can you expect?

The Event "process"

When you come to your first event it may be a little overwhelming. People are rushing about, some already in character and full make-up, some in white headbands and some people just working. It can be a little (or a lot) intimidating to get your bearing. Some of the things to know:

  1. We are all a very friendly bunch (no, really we are)! Just approach anyone and ask for some directions.
  2. Some of the people are trying to set up the game and may be a bit rushed. Please note that rule #1 is always in play, but some of us can be a bit stressed trying to get things done. I will apologize for the staff well in advance.
  3. If you happen to run into another brand new player, just team up and ask others as a group. It’s great to be able to tell folks where to go in one fell swoop.
  4. As soon as you have an answer, pass it along to other new players! Again, it’s all about the team.
  5. If you don’t know, please ASK QUESTIONS. No one will be mad at you for asking questions.

The most important things are to Pre-register using our forms for new players here

You need to fill out and sign the waiver. You cannot play if we do not have this on file.

There are 2 different events that we run: Weekend and Tavern/Dungeon Run/Masquerades

What to Expect at a Weekend Event:

When you arrive at the Lions Youth Camp Cremona:

Check in with Logistics

When you arrive please head directly to Logistics (also known as "Ye Olde Logistics).This is a small blue cook shack right beside the camp fire. The sign hangs in the window. Logistics is open from 6pm to 10pm. IF YOU ARE A NPC, PLEASE GO TO THE LONG WHITE BUNKHOUSE OFF THE PARKING LOT.

Head directly to a cabin, stow your gear and get into costume. Check with Logistics if there is any set up you can help with if you arrive early! As well, there is a "Cleaning tasks" board that you need to sign up for cleaning duty on Sunday. THIS IS MANDATORY. We all pitch in, we go home on time.

Once you are in costume, return to logistics and grab your character envelope. This will have your battleboards (character sheet), production spends, craftsman coin and goblin stamp spends (this is all explained in the Alliance Rule Book). YOU MUST VERIFY THESE BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

As well, our Armour Marshal will check your armour and weapons to ensure they meet our standards for safety.

If you are a brand new player to Alliance Calgary we will also go over the basics of the game such as combat and casting spells, the HOLD rule and anything else that you may need to be aware of.

When you head home
Clean up after yourself. Garbage in the appropriate bins, sweep your cabin and ensure everything is back to how it was before you arrived. Please be aware that we may be camping in Bear/cougar areas and all trash and food must be stored properly.

As well, there is a "Cleaning tasks" board that you need to sign up for cleaning duty on Sunday. THIS IS MANDATORY. We all pitch in, we go home on time.

When you come to a Tavern/Dungeon Run/Masquerades:

These are currently held at the Monterey Community Association in Calgary.
Logistics opens at 5pm and runs until 6pm. Players conglomerate in the foyer or change and get ready in the washrooms. IF YOU ARE A NPC PLEASE ARRIVE AT 3:30pm TO HELP WITH SET-UP

Logistics as a little window (you cannot miss it) where you will get your envelope.

We play until around 11:00pm and then everyone pitches in to pack up and clean up the area before anyone leaves for the night.

For more information on what each event is like in greater detail please follow this link.

Camping 101

When you come to a Weekend event we do provide 8 person cabins you can stay in. That being said, if you wish to pitch a tent, by all means. There is no difference in cost either way.

What to Pack?

The must-have items will be different for each person, but below you will find a suggested packing list of essentials.

If you are PCing (playing a character you create and control) for your first event you will need to bring your own costume pieces. There are some recommended costuming tips and we will have a link to those shortly.

If you are a NPC (playing the monsters, townsfolk and other roles assigned and controlled by the Directors) for your first event, you will want to bring comfortable black clothing you can use as a base layer. Sweat pants, yoga pants, and tank tops are all recommended. You'll also want a warmer layer to add on when it gets chilly late in the night, as our events run until after 2am and most of our Crew stay awake and active that entire time.

Suggested Alliance Calgary Packing list:

  • Bug spray. One tip is that there are mosquito "patches" that we have found to work fantastic. They may land on you, but you "taste awful" and they don't bite. Several weekend of camping has confirmed this!
  • Your "costume kit" including clothing, make-up, a belt with a clip for your battleboard and anything else you may need to get into character.
  • Bedding: air mattress or pad, sleeping bag, pillow
  • Extra clothing: socks, underwear, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.
  • An Alliance Rulebook and it's handy to have the race package and our player guide as well.
  • Extra costuming. Trust me, you will get hot/wet/sweaty etc and will want a change of costuming.
  • Weapons, spell packets, whatever your character needs for their class
  • All your personal hygiene items. We hope our site will have showers and we do expect players to use them!
  • Comfortable shoes/boots. Remember - no white sneakers! WE have a cool pattern for "slip over" boot covers that you can make to, well, slip over your shoes and fasten them to your leg.
  • Extra materials to fix your weapon in case it breaks (duct tape, electrical tape etc). We may not be able to set you up with extra weaponry, so please ensure you bring a "kit" to fix your stuff.
  • Battery-operated lantern or other light source (no flames)
  • Personal snacks and drinks to get you through between meals
  • Bug spray. Did I mention you really will need this in Alberta? We've seen mosquito carry away small pets!
  • SOCKS! Yes, we need to mention them again. You should bring AT MINIMUM 6 pairs or more. You will get them wet with sweat or water and you want o change them frequently.

Where to go from here?

You have 3 Choices:

1. New Player Information-Tips for someone brand new to LARP and Alliance

2. Become the Hero - More in-depth information about becoming a Player Character

3. Be a NPC- More information about joining us as a Monster!

If you want to learn more about specific topics please click on any of the following links (they are also in our Pages menu)
Getting Costumed up || Donations and Goblin Stamps || The World of Calandonia

| or Call: 403-769-1909

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