Event & Membership Payments

Event Fees and Memberships


Tavern Night PC: $37.50 +GST

Description:Registration for our Tavern Nights as a Player Character

Tavern Night NPC: $10.75 +GST


Description: Registration for our Tavern Nights as a Non-Player Character

Second Character Blanket. $11.00 +GST

More XP

Description:Now when you attend an event, you can give a 2nd character of yours the same Blanket of XP!

Please note:

  • You must be a full member to qualify
  • You must attend the event
  • You cannot add this to a prior event
  • Only 1 of these per PLAYER
Event Length

Seasonal Membership


Description: This membership is required for any PC or NPC for any event after their first event

Choose your Membership option

Dungeon Run PC Price: $67.25 +GST Membership

Description: Registration for the Dungeon Run as a Player Character

NPC Dungeon Run NPC Price: 16.00 +GSTResponsive image

Description: Registration for the Dungeon run asn a Non-player Character.

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