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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any restrictions on joining the LARP?
  2. What are the basic costs?
  3. Is the fighting "real"?
  4. Who can I contact to join up?
  5. I have no idea where to start! Help!
  6. Where can I get costuming, gear or learn to make stuff?
  7. If I make or buy a weapon is it allowed in game?
  8. Can I borrow items for my first weekend?
  9. OOG, IG. PC etc. What does this all mean?

Answer 1:

Age Restriction:

Our LARP is designed for those 18+ years of age due to content and insurance policies.

Answer 2:

We charge for events because we have to pay for them ourselves!

Our Weekend Events have a pre-registration fee of $85. This covers our rental of the Lion's Youth Camp in Cremona.

If you are BRAND NEW to Alliance we have a new player deal! $65 covers your first event!

This includes a weekend membership and your weekend fee. This rate is only for players that have never been out to any events previously or are from another Chapter. This rate applies to PRE-REGISTERED AND PRE-PAYMENT. If you need to pay on site the fee is $70.00.

We also offer a meal service for weekend events. It's $25 and includes breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday plus a Saturday evening supper. NPCs pay only $15.00 for the meal plan and get a Friday night supper (something simple like burgers or lasagne)

Memberships are $40 for the year. This cost covers our insurance and also gives us some money to spend on props, costumes and the bits to run events. You can get a weekend pass for $10 on your first time out. Again this covers you under our insurance. (This weekend pass is INCLUDED in your fee if you are BRAND NEW to Calgary Alliance)

Answer 3:

Our fighting is a "touch" based system. We use foam weapons and cloth birdseed packets to fight with. There is no physical contact allowed in our combat (not holds, throws, kicks punches etc.) Watch our combat system here:

Answer 4:

There are several people you can talk to but your best bet is to email our Customer Service person:

Answer 5:

Download our rulebook! We cannot stress this enough. It will answer most of your questions. This website is your next resource. After that check out our Facebook for our most up to date stuff or hit our forums.

Answer 6:

There are multiple websites for costuming. If you want to get stuff check local Thrift Stores in Calgary. They usually have a few things you can pick up for cheap. Myth Games sells latex/foam weapons and other props. We also have crafting and work days before events where you can come and learn to build your own things. As well, we have many players that are leatherworkers, foamsmiths, metal workers and costume makers that you can commision to build items for you.

Answer 7:

The rulebook has the rules and a basic how to make a boffer section. Our Weapons Marshall will have the final say if it will be allowed in game or not. We do have safety restrictions we must follow to ensure safe combat for everyone. The short answer is "it depends". If you can bring the weapon to a Work Day or Craft Day and a Marshall is available, they can let you know before you bring it into game. Weapons by Calamicil are usually disallowed outright due to the foam they use. Epic Armoury, Mithryl and Windlass are normally allowed.

Answer 8:

If you need gear for the weekend, just ask on our FaceBook group. Sometimes the players do have spare boffers, armour or other gear, but it is on a case by case basis. The LARP team does not have gear to rent or loan as we are usually arming our NPCs with that sort of stuff.

Answer 9:

There are a lot of things you may run into on the site and for our ease of getting the information out here are some common terms that will be spread out throughout the website (and many of the documents)

  • PC- Player Character- the persona you take on during events
  • NPC- Non-player Character. This is our Monsters and personas that players assume to challenge the players and give them information they require (such as the King is an NPC)
  • ARB- The Alliance Rule Book
  • IG- In Game. When you are at an event you are always considered to be In Game and must play your character appropriately and not break character.
  • OOG- Out-of Game. Sometimes you go OOG for things like cooking your food or sleeping. Monsters will be OOG if they have to pass through the IG area on their way to set up a module. You need to show you are OOG by wearing a WHITE headband. You should never be OOG in an IG area.
  • Ops- Operations Manager, the owner of the Chapter
  • LOG- Our Logistics area or person running logistics
  • PLOT- the person(s) in charge of writing the story and adventures for all of our events
  • GS or Goblin Stamps- These are "rewards" and "thank yous" given to players and NPCs for volunteering, donations etc. They are collected and spent to improve your PC and purchase IG benefits.
  • Logistics (LOG)- Logistics is where all the people that actually run the event are located. These people print out character cards, monster cards, item "tags" etc. These are the people at the weekend that run the show.
  • Physrep- A physical representation of any IG item. Saying you swing your sword is much different that actually wielding the physrep.
  • LCO- Local Chapter Only. These are items/abilities/rewards that will only work in Calgary.

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