Our Events

Below you will find a brief description of the events we run.

The Big Weekend Events

Our main Weekend Events

Our Big Events are our Weekend Events. These run from Friday evening (usually at 5pm) until Sunday afternoon (usually 3pm) once per month. This allows us to give players some very interesting combats, role-playing events and more that will further our plot lines of our overall story arc as well as any plots that the PCs present to us.

PCs are an immense support for our Plot. We write the beginning of each event with a place we would like it to go. The players, through their actions, inactions and interactions, make up the middle and can (and usually do) directly affect the end of the weekend and set up the events of the next month's weekend.

Players are encouraged to submit ideas to Plot regarding their characters and their exploits. You want to create a ritual to expel the Evil Sorcerer that waylaid your family years ago? Sure, we just need a strong character background that allows us to work with you and delve deeper into that aspect of your PC. Then we can construct a module for you and your friends to go through to get those ritual components.


Tavern Night

A Fun evening event

As most people know, Alberta weather is normally COLD! So during the "off" months that we cannot put on weekend events (typically November to April) we will try to put on a tavern night or Masquerade night. These will be typically held on a Saturday evening (allowing out of town players the chance to get to Calgary) and will help to keep everyone active during the cold months. These will have smaller "modules" with them and be completely IG with Experience, Goblin Stamps etc.



The Masquerade is our "formal" LARP event. You have been invited to a masquerade ball by a local ruling noble; the King, The Grand Duchess or other dignitary. You are expected to be in your finest dress attire, carry no weapons and be on your best behaviour. There is hot food served and usually live musical entertainment for the evening.


Dungeon Run

This is an all day event held indoors in Calgary. Players form up groups of 6ish adventurers and go into a dungeon environment. There is an area for players to hang out in when they are not on a run. As well, after your run is over, your team becomes the monsters for the next group! This allows players to participate in 2 runs per day.


The Festival of Crows event

"In the 74th year of the People’s Calendar (PC) the Arcane Sanctum marched en masse through Calanhelm dragging the entire family line of the three nobles accused of assassinating the Regent, ArchMage Artruos, to Traitor’s Stand. There in witness of the populace of Calanhelm, the entire line of the three families were put to death through a multitude of Celestial spells, wands, Rituals and other magical items. In total, one hundred and forty two Nobles are killed in one day. It becomes known as Crow’s Day, for the bodies that are not hanging in nooses are left in the field nearby, and thousands of crows (and other birds) clutter the ground and skies as they feast.

In PC 94, King Valenta, tiring of petty nobles wasting his time and the courts with minor disagreements, decides to set up a tournament on the same date as Crow’s Day. Many nobles take this day to show off their grandeur and poster in front of the King. Merchants begin to bring their wares to the event and Bards start performing.  To remind the commoners about the history behind the day, the Arcane Sanctum sets up spell caster duels.

Within a few years it becomes quite the festival and in PC 98 King Valenta renames his tournament “The Festival of Crows” and sets up the tournament for teams representing the nobles to match skills and wits against each other. More events such as Archery, a Hunt and Performances become standard fare."

FoC 2016Festival of Crows Rule Document 2016

The Festival of Crows is our big Player Team event. Players form teams of up to 7 to participate in the Festival. Only members on a team are allowed to participate in: The Hero's Battle, The Combat Trifecta, The Spellcaster's Duel, Trollball, The Grand Melee, Riddles and The Race. Teams may enlist others to help them in the Colours presenatio, Entertainment and the Hunt.

For those new to the LARP, we still have our main PLOT running during the Festival, but if you can get onto a team (or form your own!) you will get the most enjoyment from the weekend.

Season 2018 Dates

January 13th: Way Station Ashvethyr

February 17th (the Dungeon Run): The Ruins of Thyren Thalor

March 10th: Way Station: Kelech’ Mor

April 13-15 Season Opener

May 11-13

June 15-17

July 13-15

Aug 17-19

Sept 7-9

Oct 12-14 Season Ending

Nov 10th (TBD)

Dec 15th (TBD)

Non-LARP Activities

Work Days and Classes

We of course will need help putting all of this together. Costumes need to be made and props need to be built. Work days get you Goblin Stamps to spend on any character you have.

Our Work days are the weekend before an event held on the Saturday. It starts at 11am.

We also have our "New Player Orientation" at 4pm and that is followed by COMBAT TRAINING at 5pm. (Combat training is mandatory before you can swing a weapon at our LARP.)

As well we are looking to run "classes" to help players get into LARPing:

Classes (* = mandatory):
Costume & Armour Building - going over the basics of costume building, some examples, what is legal and not legal in-game, how a costume is judged for Armour Points, etc
Weapons - how to build weapons that are safe for use in-game, what is legal and not legal, etc
Acting/Role Playing - how to get into and stay in character; how to prepare yourself using your character sheet as a guide; how to use your characters traits and goals to help shape the story going on around you
*Safe Combat - discussing the rules for safe combat, as well as some practice time in physical combat to learn the ropes
*Monster / NPC Camp (* for all volunteers) - how to be an NPC that enhances the game for others; what it means to be a monster, and how to role play them
*Magic; creating spells / preparing materials (* for all magic characters) - a session on how magic works, how to cast spells, how spells refresh and other magic related rules; also time to do some crafting and create a cache of bags required to cast spells


Wings Nights

We go for wings night every Wednesday at Shotz Bar & Grill. We arrive around 7pm and stay until around 10pm. This is a great way to swing by, say "hi" and get to know us outside of the events.


Movie Nights

There are several times a year that we organize ourselves to go watch a movie together. It's usually at Sunridge Cineplex. Some times we go dressed as our LARP persona, sometimes just to go hang out. We organize those through our Facebook Group. Everyone is welcome.

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