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The world we go to every weekend is Calandonia. It's fairly large (think Europe/Russia/India) in size and has a few "unexplored" areas that give us room to pull plot from.


Calanda: The Seat of Power

This is the main area our campaign focuses on. It is the seat of Power in the Realms. The largest city is Calanhelm where the King, Arch Mage and Grand Council hold power. You can click the map to download a larger image. Note that although Ral'Endas (the Dwarven Enclave) is in Calanda, they are completely independant of the Monarchy and have their own "territory" within Calanda's borders. The span between the Duchy of Carass and the Duchy of Parson is not titled and there are many nobles vying to stake claims within the trade route known as the King's Highway.

Calanda 112

Middenvale- Land of the Barbarians and Ogres!

Middenvale is located just south of Calanda. The area is home to large "Clans" and Tribes of Barbarians and Ogres. The Ogres were displaced here from the Edgeland Desert at the end of the Great Wars. They have taken some of the customs of the Middenvale Barbarians when it comes to family structure and using "Tartans" as a representation of their tribes.

11 Clans/Tribes claim the territory within the borders of Middenvale. This is not to say that there are not hundreds of smaller clans/tribes in the area. Tartans can be subtely different, but calling a Barbarian or Ogre the wrong Clan name can have dire conequences.


The things you need to know and can download:

A Guide to the World of Calandonia

To help you understand our world and a bit about the history. laws and "Cruchy Bits" on our world you can download the World Guide:

Guide to Calandonia


For those playing "Humans" or "Common Folk" here is the Noble houses Guide.

Rocholm, the Land of Eternal Conflict

Rocholm is situated due West of the Dark Reaches and South of Cadnia.
If it were not for the ocean to the south and Calanda to the East it would be surrounded by enemies. The lands are harsh and unforgiving. With the constant threats of the savage tribes of Frost Giant and the constant attacks from denizens of the Dark Reaches it is a wonder that the lands are not deserted.



A Racial Primer of Calandonia

For many new players the question of “What Race to pick” is a hard one to really nail down without some help. Our Racial Primer below is here to help (somewhat!).

Some races have very “private” histories and motivations so we cannot give out every detail. When you pick your character and send us the starting build (using the rules in the Alliance Rulebook) we will then forward you the “complete” racial package so you will be able to learn an in depth history and role-playing pieces for your race.

You can download the Quick Character Creation Guide here

In a nutshell-
Humans- “Common Folk” to other races. The most numerous of the races. Most of their history is spelt out in the Guide to Calandonia. The humans do not have a Race Packet per se. They will get a list of notable houses in Calanda, where the main story takes place. The humans are based on middle ages European Culture (for dress, armour etc) and any fantasy setting you can think of!

Elves- There is 4 distinct types of Elves in Calandonia:

  • Rocholm Elves: Militant Elves with a high code of honour
  • Valdenhold Elves: Seafaring Elves! Think Pirates or Swashbucklers
  • Faybridge Elves: Money-loving neutral Elves. Traders and merchants
  • Kanask Elves: Isolationist Elves

Dark Elves: This new race to Calanda made it's appearance during the Great War, much to the annoyance of the Dwarves. They have 2 Enclaves; Valdenhold (Spire's Reach) and the Edgeland Desert Mountains (Shadow Rose). Not much is known of this race, they tend to keep to themselves.

Hoblings: Merchants, mischief makers and more! Think “Ferengi” from Star Trek TNG. Main city is in the “Free States of Fathom’s Deep”

High Ogres: Mighty Fighters with a love of nature and a strict honour code. Either from the Edgeland Desert Mountains or the Middenvale Mountains.

High Orcs: these orcs see themselves as better than their mountain dwelling cousins. They have a higher calling and supposedly a higher intelligence. Major force in the Edgeland Desert.

Mystic Wood Elves: the “Tari-Nor”. They live in a free society of “Glades” in the Turom Forest. Cannot stand Necromancy or Slavery in any form. Think 1960s “hippies”.

Barbarians: More than just the brutes of the “Conan” movies:

  • Winter’s Edge barbarians- Think Vikings and Frost!
  • Edgeland Desert- Structured lands ala Prince of Persia. Work closely with the High Orcs.
  • Middenvale- These barbarians for Clans with a Scottish “Highlander” system.

Dwarves: what more can you say about dwarves? There are several clans that a player can be from:

  • Durom Falls
  • Ral’Endas
  • Kelech’ mor
  • IronRidge

The dwarves use different colors in their beards to differentiate which clan they are from. Your clan choice will determine role-playing aspects. You do not have to pick your clan at character building (when you submit the character to PLOT), but you will have to pick one before your first event.

Saar: The Hunter feline race. This is very much drawn from the Japanese culture with different feline types in different castes. They have a main island in Fathom’s Deep, but can be found all over Calandonia

Wylderkin: these are drawn from any animal/human concept you are looking for. The creature cannot be feline in nature though (to keep from confusing with Saar). Ran from persecution in the Great Wars to an island inhabbited by Hoblings in Fathom's Deep.

Selunari: Fun loving wanderers with a quick temper.

Stone Elves: These are logical beings (think Vulcans of Star Trek). They live in both Faybridge and Turom Forest.

Biata: These are a race of gryphon/stone elves. They are semi-isolationists on their island in Fathom’s Deep but they have a longing for adventure that keeps them on the mainland as well.

Dryad: Dryads are "living plant-folk". They are "awakened" from their slumber and can either choose to venture from their groves or go back to "sleep". They hate Necromancy with every fibrer of their beings.

Meta-Organizations & Guilds

Meta what? Meta-Organizations are well, Organizations that your character may join. They give you some more depth to your character and help you pick some skills to help you progress along it's Ranks. Ever wantted to be a Commader of a Battalion of troops? Or how about head of the merchant guild, the High Mage of an arcane order etc. Well these are here to help guide you along on your character's career path.

Below is a listing of the organizations and a brief synopsis of what they are about. We fully expect players to want to make up their own Meta-Orgs and we will glady help you get everything set up!

  • The Home Guard 1.4: The King's Army. Defenders of the land etc. Ranks for enlisted men and officers.
  • The Arcane Sanctum v1.8 (January 2015): The Mage Guild of Calandonia. Its reach is far and all Celestial Casters find themselves amongst its ranks as the Sanctum must monitor all Celestial Casters.
  • The Earth Weavers v1.8 (January 2015): The Order of Earth Casters. Must less "rigid" in their structure than the Arcane Sanctum. They do keep a record of all Earth Casters in their "Sphere of Influence"
  • The Silken Alliance: A Hobling run merchant house specializing in the trade of rare Silks from the island of Auric. (this organization may only be entered into by invitation)
  • The Uruzaries: A High Orc/Ogre organization in servatude to the Barbarian Shariah of the Edgeland Desert. High Orcs find themselves "on special assignment" to the King of Calanda.
  • Hammer Outfitters: originally a Dwarven guild for craftsmen, specifically Blacksmiths, this group has taken on members from other races in the last 100 years, growing in diversity and knowledge.

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