Be A Monster!

In Alliance you can be one of two things: A Monster (NPC) or a Hero (PC)

Being a Monster: As this is a high fantasy game (such as Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones) we need people to fill the roles of Monsters and Merchants. They are collectively known as NPCs (Non-Player Characters). During the event you may be a Goblin attacking the Heroes, and then become a Noble to recruit the player’s to your cause right after.

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Be A Hero!

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes! In Alliance you become the Hero of the Story.

Being a Hero is what LARP is all about!

  • Take on a role as a daring fighter, a dashing rogue, a powerful scholar casting magic or a combination of the three!
  • Choose your race: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Wilderkin, Hobling, Biata, Selunari, Barbarian, Stone or Dark Elf, High Orc or Ogre, Saar, Dryad or Mystic Wood Elf
  • GEAR UP! (we have lots of tips to gear up quickly and cost effectively)
  • Join in the action! Come out to New Player training and then join us at our weekend events!


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We have 3 different options for registration:

1: NPC For those that wish to join in as a NPC

2: PC: For the heroes that are already involved in the game

3: New Player A quick and easy form to get your basic character started and information about starting up!

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Season 2016 Dates

June      24-26 Ends Justify the Means
July        29-31 The End Draws Near

Aug 6-7 LARP at the Brooks Medieval Faire
Aug        26-28 Festival of Crows 2016
Sept       23-25 All good things...
Oct         21-23 "I dont' think we are in Calandonia anymore"
Nov        18-20 End of the Line
Dec        17 Tavern Night


Meet the Mon"STARS" (see what we did there?)

Cory: Our Chapter Owner Runs the show! Wrangles the Team

Abbey: Our Head of PLOT: Runs the PLOT team and writes the continuing story

Shauna: the Head of Logistics and Customer Service Our rock star to the Players!

Chris: Head of Publicity and Marketing Makes sure people know about us and what we do.

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